In 1953, when Dubai had not even witnessed the oil boom and was a barren desert with no basic infrastructure, a group of pioneering entrepreneurs took courage to establish International Traders (Middle East) Limited. Five years later in 1958, the ITL Group became the first company with a limited liability, decreed by His Highness, the late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, The then Ruler of Dubai. ITL Group is a part of worldwide Intra Group of Companies that has business operations and bases in the UAE, Canary Islands, India, China, Nigeria and Oman.

 ITL Group's beginnings in the U.A.E as a textile outfit were modest. The UAE, at the time called the Trucial States was a British Protectorate, and Dubai, a merchant city even then, was aquiring its reputation for bold enterprise. Despite the lack of infrastructure like roads, telecommunication and electricity, the vision of the ITL Group founders remained steadfast. The Groups survival and success on Arabian soil is a story of strife and reward, and the company's growth is a direct result of the growth of the Emirate itself.

Mr.M. Udharam, founding chairman of the Group observed that, "Success often goes to those who dare and act, and seldom to the timid." It wasn't long before the company diversified into manufacturing, indenting, wholesale and retail with varied business interests. In 1960 when the electronics industry itself was in its infancy and Dubai didn't even have a television station, the ITL Group opened up a department store under the name of Cosmos. Soon it had penetrated other market segments, including consumer electronics, IT Group and PC products, photographic products, business equipment, office automation, data and media storage products, home and kitchen appliances, personal grooming products, clocks and watches, textiles, household, linen and luggage, foods and personal banking, growing to become a business conglomerate of prominence in the region.

Today the ITL Group is a force to reckon with. Renowned as a consumer electronics distribution giant with over 500 dealers in the UAE and Oman, the philosophy basically remains quintessential - ' Respect your customers for it is they who sustain you'. ITL Group has inculcated in its people that the customer always has a choice. Over five decades of history and learning has taught the ITL Group the vital significance of the company vision statement - Always Look Ahead!

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