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Established in 1950, RHYTHM Watch Co. Ltd. is one of the Japan's leading manufacturers of clocks and movements. Rhythm has adopted a product diversification strategy that focuses on development of high value-added clocks. Over the years, Rhythm has developed into a world leader in the manufacturing of time keeping products with the production of over 20,000,000 clocks and movements sold throughout the world.


Magic Motion Clocks

Cuckoo Clocks

Basic Wall Clocks

Contemporary Motion Clocks

Value Added Beep Alarm Clocks

Basic Bell Alarm Clocks

LCD Clocks

Wooden Table Clocks

Value Added Wall Clocks

SIP (Sound In Place) Grandfather Clocks

SIP (Sound In Place) Wall Clocks

Wooden Wall Clocks Chime

Wooden Wall Clocks

Super Silent Alarm Clocks

Value Added Bell Alarm Clocks



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